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What I've Been Looking For - The Apologetics Map

What I've Been Looking For - The Apologetics Map

This apologetics map is a game changer for me. Most apologetic issues fit nicely into one of these quadrants, although they may relate to another quadrant as well. Overall, it brings a wonderful organization to such a wide-ranging topic of study.

Apologetics Mapping


At a recent Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) regional gathering, Dr. Tim McGrew gave a talk on Christian Apologetics Mapping. The map I created above is based on my notes from his talk and is extremely similar to the original. This map is exactly what I need as an apologist, and I need it specifically for two reasons.


First, I need direction for taking my next steps forward as an apologist. I want to study apologetic issues at a deeper level, but I also want to be well rounded. So far, I’m mostly just well rounded, but not that deep. I would say I have 1-5 books worth study in a wide variety of apologetics issues. The only issue I have studied fairly deeply is the problem of evil/suffering. I’ve probably read somewhere around 20 books on the POE. I’ve been wanting to study something else to a similar degree, but haven’t been sure where to go. That’s where the map comes in. Dr. McGrew challenged us to master 1 topic in each quadrant. Since the POE lands in the defensive general apologetics quadrant, my next area of deep study will be in one of the other quadrants. At this time, I’m thinking about pursuing a topic in the Biblical half. This new sense of direction for my personal study assures me that I’m spending my studies wisely.


Second, as a teacher of apologetics, this is a huge aid for me to help bring along younger apologists. I teach apologetics weekly at my local Ratio Christi chapter and I find I have a hard time knowing which topics I should cover in a semester. Well, this apologetics map changes all of that. My goal now will be to touch on each of these quadrants in every semester for well-rounded apologetics training.


So from one apologist to another, I hand off Dr. McGrew’s challenge to you. Focus your studies on mastering one topic in each quadrant.


What will you study next?


I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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