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— Albert Einstein
The Dictionary of Christianity and Science - A Necessary Resource

The Dictionary of Christianity and Science - A Necessary Resource




Below I will tell you two reasons I love this dictionary, one reason why you should buy the e-book version, and why this dictionary is important.


Why I personally love this dictionary

While reading through various entries, I was exceeding pleased with the quality of this dictionary. I love this dictionary because it offers appropriately sized summaries and conclusions concerning many controversial topics of Christianity and science. Even when I may disagree with the authors on some issues, it is extremely helpful to see their core argumentation in its basic form.

The other thing I really love about this dictionary is that it contains recommendations for further reading. In many cases, I may only want to see the quick dictionary entry sized answer at that time, but if I want to dig deeper it is helpful to have the recommended resources right there.


Do yourself a favor and buy the e-book version

In general, I could go either way with the print versus e-book debate and in fact, I usually prefer print for reference works. The problem with this print version is that there is no index. This makes searchability a problem. It's not an extreme problem, but it definitely hinders the accessibility of this dictionary. If you purchase an e-version then you can at least run a basic keyword search.


Don’t buy another reference book until you buy this

In my experience, most people have no clue how science and Christianity can or should intersect. I’ve heard atheists say that religion should never have any place in science. I’ve talked to many Christians who view science as being inherently anti-Christian. Both of these beliefs miss the mark so badly they don’t even hit the target.

And it’s sad.

I’ve done college apologetics ministry for several years and have talked to some Christian students who believe that secular thinking has the full backing of science and as Christians we just need to have (blind) faith. If Pastors and ministers want to stay relevant with students, it isn’t going to be through watching the same sitcoms as them. They will be relevant when they have reasonable answers to the questions and doubts so many young people have.

Every Christian minister should have a reference like this dictionary on their shelf so that when issues of science and belief come up, they will actually have some answers. Not to mention resources for further study!


To the editors and authors of the Dictionary of Christianity and Science—bravo. You’ve done a great work for the kingdom.

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