The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
— Albert Einstein
How to Get Unstuck

How to Get Unstuck


You’re so busy you can’t think straight. You’re behind on 100 things you need to do. You feel like you’re giving it everything you have and going nowhere.


You’re stuck.


If this is a description of your life right now, then How To Get Unstuck is the book for you.


Over the past several years I have been researching productivity by taking classes, reading books, and working hard to implement best practices. It is my opinion that How To Get Unstuck serves a valuable purpose in getting Christians into healthier, more productive patterns of life.


Let’s say being stuck is like being trapped in a room with a passcode-protected, locked door. How To Get Unstuck will give you: various passcodes, a screwdriver, a crowbar, a sledgehammer, a drill, and a laser.

You see, not everyone’s version of “stuck” can be fixed in the same way. People can be stuck for a great number of different reasons, and more than likely a combination of reasons. But that’s the beauty of How To Get Unstuck. It will give you every possible tool to break out and take control of your life.


At first, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information I was learning, but by no means does the author, Matt Perman, expect the reader to apply every little detail. In fact, at the end of every chapter he included a little application box that gives you an assignment to take your next step towards getting unstuck.


It’s important to note that this book is not meant to lay out a thorough, holistic system of productivity. Perman actually did that in his first book What’s Best Next. You can read either of his books individually and still greatly benefit, but How To Get Unstuck will quickly do its job and get you out of the mess you’re currently in.


Additionally, I think this book serves a unique role in that it’s one of the only explicitly Christian books on productivity. I have benefited greatly from many books on productivity written to the general public. However, I know many Christians rarely read and if they do decide to grab a book, it’s going to be a book written by a Christian. I can confidently hand out this book to people in my church without worrying if there are any stories or words that might offend.


Honestly, we need 100 more books like this. We live in a society plagued with distractions and unhealthy habits of life. And Christians are hurting just as much as everyone else. I know because I’ve been there. But I also know we can do better! I can envision a world where believers take up the mantle of living wisely and productively for the glory of God - a world where we throw off every weight that hinders us from running the race.


We can do it.

But first, we need to get unstuck.


Click the link to purchase How To Get Unstuck.


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