Prepare to Share The Good News

Easter is upon us

This is the time we celebrate the most defining moments of the Christian faith-the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Over our next two posts, I want to help you help others understand the good news. There are so many amazing resources out there that I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Today, I wanted to share what is undoubtedly one of the best apologetics videos on the resurrection. This video was made by the Impact 360 Institute and it is astounding how well it communicates a defense of the resurrection in a mere 4 minutes and 29 seconds.

Within this video, you'll see how to respond to some common objections to belief in Jesus, 5 powerful facts defending the historicity of the resurrection, and how to respond to claims that miracles don't happen.

The Christian faith is rooted in history, and it's amazing how well we can defend the resurrection on historical grounds. Without further delay, I present to you "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?"

Share the good news today

A great start would be to share this video and ask what people think.

I can't wait to share another great video with you in our next post.

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