Who Are We?

We are two friends who love learning and thinking about life as we go through it.

But as someone once said, "You don't really know something until you can teach it."

 Our goal in this blog is that as we learn and share, you might learn something too. Better yet, we would love to learn from you as well.



"ApoloThink" is a play on the word "Apologetics." Essentially, this is an apologetics blog, but the topic matter extends far more broadly than the study of apologetics proper. 

As you search the site you will find that that we focus especially on apologetics, theology, culture, and ministry. You can also expect a lot of book reviews.


Author Bios

Tim Arndt

Tim Thumbnail Jan 2018.jpg

What are you doing when you love who you are? When I first heard this question, I thought about it for days. I finally realized that there is nothing I doing more than learning and sharing what I've learned.

My wife Alex and kids, MaryKate and Oliver, are the joys of my life. Life is so full watching my kids learn and play. So far I have successfully brainwashed them to like good books, music, and cartoons.

I have a BA in Worldviews and Apologetics from Boyce College. I am a chapter director for Ratio Christi, a college campus apologetics ministry and I am a team leader for Apologetics 315. I work at my church as an admin assistant, and I am easily recognizable as the tallest Filipino you will ever meet. 


Nathan Muse

Nate Muse ApoloThink.jpg

My name is Nathan Muse but I answer to almost anything. I am a Christian, a husband to Kristin and a father to two boys. Although currently serving as a pastor/teacher in Sydney, Australia, I was born in the USA and have lived in the UK before moving as far away as possible from all other civilization. 

My schooling background involves Cross-Cultural Studies (MA), Theology (MDiv), New Testament (ThM) and Apologetics and Worldviews (CTPS & DMin). As you can probably gather, I like to read and write and then practice and share what I learn in various contexts. Few things bring me as much joy as teaching a concept that someone finds difficult in such a way that they not only understand it, but become enthusiastic about it.